Then You Look At Me

All the characters are the same, except these few changes:

  • Arnav and Khushi don’t meet as they did in the original drama.

  • Aakash and Payal are already engaged. But as his elder brother, Arnav, isn’t married, Nani is apprehensive to go ahead with Aakash’s marriage.

  • Arnav, 26, has finally given in to Nani’s unwavering persistence to go and see some girl for the sake of an arranged marriage.

  • Khushi, 20, is an engineering student, who happens to be a gadget geek, and comes from a middle class family, unlike the almost poor family shown in the soap. She is a very sensible girl. At least when she’s not with Arnav. (And she doesn’t make jalebis to get off her frustration!)

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10 thoughts on “Then You Look At Me

  1. Please post the last chapters ASAP dear… You are really a talented writer… I love the way you portray each and every events in this FF….. It was a wonderful journey…. The relation which shares between A and K is great… You depicted it in perfect way…..

    Please post the last 5 chapters ASAP dear… I’m desperately waiting….

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